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Plugins to add attrs to Markdown content.


import MarkdownIt from "markdown-it";
import { attrs } from "@mdit/plugin-attrs";

const mdIt = MarkdownIt().use(attrs, {
  // your options, optional

mdIt.render("# Heading 🎉{#heading}");


You can use {attrs} to add attrs to Markdown content.

For example, if you want a heading2 "Hello World" with a id "say-hello-world", you can write:

## Hello World {#say-hello-world}

If you want a image with class "full-width", you can write:

![img](link/to/image.png) {.full-width}

Also, other attrs are supported, so:

A paragraph with some text. {#p .a .b align=center customize-attr="content with spaces"}

will be rendered into:

<p id="p" class="a b" align="center" customize-attr="content with spaces">
  A paragraph with some text.


Escaping can be done by adding \ to escape the delimiter:

### Heading \{#heading}

will be

Heading {#heading}


You can pass options to @mdit-plugin-attrs to customize plugin behavior.

type MarkdownItAttrRuleName =
  | "fence"
  | "inline"
  | "table"
  | "list"
  | "hr"
  | "softbreak"
  | "block";

interface MarkdownItAttrsOptions {
   * left delimiter
   * @default '{'
  left?: string;

   * right delimiter
   * @default '}'
  right?: string;

   * allowed attributes
   * @description An empty list means allowing all attribute
   * @default []
  allowed?: (string | RegExp)[];

   * Rules to enable
   * @default "all"
  rule?: "all" | boolean | MarkdownItAttrRuleName[];


ALl class are styled with margin: 4px;padding: 4px;border: 1px solid red; to show the effect.

Inline (inline)

Text with inline code and favicon, also supporting emphasis and bold.

Text with `inline code`{.inline-code} and ![favicon](/favicon.ico){.image}, also supporting _emphasis_{.inline-emphasis} and **bold**{.inline-bold}.

Block (block)

block content

block content {.block}

Fence (fence)

const a = 1;
```js {.fence}
const a = 1;

Table (table)

| Table   |
| ------- |
| content |


List (list)

  • list item

    • nested list item
- list item{.list-item}

  - nested list item


Horizontal (hr)

--- {.horizontal}

Softbreak (softbreak)

A line with break

A line with break